Wild Axe Throwing now has unlimited axe throwing memberships!  Whether you want to hone in your skills or have a fun option for the week, our Wild Pass is the perfect choice.

How to sign up?


To sign up for unlimited axe throwing, click on the ‘CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP‘ link above, which will redirect you to our Wellness Living account. Create your profile, then click the three lines on the top right corner within your account and select Store. From there you can select one of our two amazing options!

How does it work?

We offer 2 different memberships, one for $39.99/month plus taxes and fees for 3 months or $29.99/month plus taxes and fees for 6 months. Once you sign up for either membership, you have access to unlimited axe throwing! Sunday – Thursday you can come in during our regular hours and throw on lanes that we have reserved specifically for our members. Friday and Saturday you will have to make a reservation with us over the phone or email to block a spot. If you are coming in with non-members, have them book their game on our website then simply come in with them to check in.

How to check in?

Sunday-Thursday membership holders can come in during our operating hours without a reservation. Upon arriving, you will check in by scanning your barcode from the Wellness Living app or web browser, or provide the front desk with your user ID (ID will be generated the first time you come in). After check in, grab a drink at the bar and the bartender will tell you what lane you’ll be on. You will be on a lane to yourself without an axe master, unless you wish to partake in our normal experience. In that case, you should call or email us in advance, as you will need to arrive during our normal start times which can be found on the book now tab.

How to book?

Fridays and Saturdays, all lanes will be available to the public, so booking ahead time is recommended. If you show up without a reservation on Friday or Saturday, we cannot guarantee a lane with be open. On those days there is a minimum of 2 people on Fridays and 3 on Saturdays. In order to book a lane on Fridays or Saturdays, you will have to call or email to make a reservation. If you are throwing with non-members, have them book their game on the website and instead of calling to make your reservation, you will arrive with them and scan in.

How long can I throw for?

Membership holders can come in during operating hours Sunday-Thursday and throw for one hour per day. On Fridays and Saturdays we don’t have any lanes dedicated for only for unlimited axe throwing. However, you are still able to come in and throw for free everyday on the weekend for one hour! You’ll just need to call us and make a reservation on Fridays and Saturdays.

Can I use my own axe?

Yes! Your axe must meet the standards of the World Axe Throwing League. Axes must be within 12″-19″ in length and the blade cannot exceed 4″ in width. Unfortunately, our insurance doesn’t allow for knife throwing so please only bring your axes!


If you come in to throw axes on a lane without an axe master, the rules that are a part of our normal experience still apply. The most important rule at Wild Axe is one person per lane. Please wait until the thrower crosses the yellow painted line before entering the lane. Our insurance is strict on no trick shots, so please throw in a forward motion only.