Will other people be on the lane with us?
We have changed our bookings to private experiences with a minimum of 2 throwers (minimum 3 throwers on Saturdays) and a maximum of 6 throwers on the regular lanes. This means that only members of your group with be on your lane and you will not be paired with individuals you do not know. For example, if you book two throwers the lane will be closed off to the public (min 3 on Saturdays). Should you have extra throwers when you arrive you will need to pay for those throwers upon arrival (please arrive 15 mins early). Also, each lane has its own dedicated table in front of the axe throwing lane which means everyone can see the action!
How much does it cost?
The price per person is only $29.99 plus taxes for one hour of axe throwing. The party room price is $329 plus tax and includes up to 10 individuals. Please call us for corporate pricing! We offer $5 off/person on Mondays using code 'monday5'.
Is there an age limit?
There is no age limit to throw axes. You will be throwing an axe 12 feet. We recommend an age of at least 13.
How do I schedule an axe throwing experience?
The best way to book your experience is online on the book your game tab. You can also call to book your game during business hours.
Are spectators allowed?
Spectators are more than welcome at Wild Axe Throwing in our facility!
Do you have leagues?
We have 8 week leagues. If you are interested in signing up for a league please email us at wildaxethrowing@gmail.com!Our next leagues begins June 8th, 2021!
How long will our game be?
Each axe throwing experience on the regular lanes takes one hour. The party room lasts for one and a half hours. Your axe master will go over some safety rules before teaching you how to throw an axe! Please arrive at least 15 minutes early! It is important to start every group on time. You will have to sign waivers upon arrival.
Are there any dress requirements?
You must wear closed toed shoes to throw axes or even to be a spectator. Outside of the shoes, there are no other requirements.
How long does training take?
Your safety & training session takes about 10 minutes. This includes going over all the rules and safety procedures, signing your waivers, and participating in and receiving instruction on how to throw an axe.
Can I take pictures?
Absolutely you can take pictures! Make sure to tag us on social media!
Is it safe?
Safety is our #1 priority. The walls on our lanes are full length which prevents anything coming into the lane you are throwing on. You will have a dedicated axe master the entire duration who will ensure the throwing environment is safe and fun. Guests will go through a safety session before throwing axes. We take safety very seriously. Anyone not following the rules may be asked to leave. No refunds are given.
Do you serve alcohol?
We have a wide variety of alcoholic beverages from local craft beer, domestics, hard ciders, wines, liquors and even bottles of bubbles for the party room! We currently have almost 50 different alcoholic drink options and 20 non-alcoholic choices! Since we have a liquor license we are unable to allow any outside beverages in our facility. Don't worry we have you covered!
What is your cancellation policy?
We do not offer refunds. You can reschedule your game 24 hours prior to the start time of your game.
What does the party room include?
The party room includes 10 throwers and includes offers 90 minutes of axe throwing. The party room has extra tables for gifts and food, and is a private space. Booking this experience includes an old throwing target for the guest of honor that everyone can sign with a marker. You can pay for additional throwers up to a max of 15 throwers. The cost of anyone throwing past 10 individuals is $29.99/person. Spectators are allowed in the party room.
Are the lanes handicap accessible?
Yes! We pride ourselves on being one of the only axe throwing venues in the world that has a handicap accessible table on the throwing lanes, a lowered check-in table, and lowered tables in the lobby. Lane 3 includes a handicap accessible table with the axe holder lowered to accommodate. Come have fun with us!!
What happens if my party is running late?
The experiences start exactly on the time frame you booked. If you are late, even if you call, you will need to be rescheduled.
Do you accept cash/card for your bar?
Our bar is credit card only but you can bring cash if you’d like to tip your axe master!
What is axe throwing?
Axe throwing is where you throw an axe at a target in a controlled environment. The target has different marks on it to keep the score. Players throw from a distance of 12-15 feet from the target. There are multiple different games you can play!
What if I only have 2 and want to throw Saturday Night?
Great question! You will need to purchase at least 3 slots on Saturdays only. You don't have to have 3 throwers to book but you must pay for 3 slots. I understand this is an inconvenience and we thank you for your patience as we navigate through this interesting time. There is only a minimum of 2 throwers Sunday-Friday!
Is parking available?
Wild Axe Throwing is located conveniently off the highway and has hundreds of parking spots available! We strategically picked this location to make it as easy as possible to park. We didn't want our customers driving around trying to find a parking spot like some axe-throwing venues we've been to.